This Statement of service outlines the standard of service that Abilities offers to our clients.


Who We Are
Abilities is a Registered Charity which provides training to people with a wide range of disabilities. It is based in Dorset and South Somerset, and works in partnership with local and national organisations that also provide work related activities. 


  • To provide relief from poverty, sickness and distress, for people living in Dorset and South Somerset by providing vocational training.
  • To provide this service to people who have a disability or have been long term unemployed.


  • To secure employment for all clients by providing individual assessment and training which will enable them to find employment.


What We Do
Abilities provides training, learning and work activities to disadvantaged unemployed people. We offer all our clients information, advice and guidance tailored to their individual needs. Our aim is to empower our clients to make their own choices by giving them the necessary skills, which are then developed by using their individual advice and guidance information, which enables them to make their own work choices.  

About Our Team
You can expect Abilities staff to be welcoming, impartial, and committed to providing you with information, advice and guidance tailored to your individual needs.
Abilities is committed to provide all their staff with continual professional development to ensure they are competent in their role and up to date with current labour market trends. We comply with all relevant professional standards, including the Matrix Standard for information, advice and guidance.

You can help us by:

  • Always treating our staff and other clients with courtesy and respect.
  • Completing our feedback forms, if you are pleased with our service


  •  By following our complaints procedure, in the event that you are dissatisfied with our service.


Who Can Use Our Services
Abilities provide a service to clients who have been referred from a number of agencies, including DWP, Local Authorities, and other Training providers.  The majority of our services are free to clients, but occasionally there is a need to make a charge and should this be necessary, it will be clearly explained to you in advance.

How you can find out more about us
You will find full details of the services and events available to you on The Abilities website

How we communicate with our clients
We prefer to communicate face to face, however we can, if required communicate by telephone or by email. You will find details of how to submit an enquiry via our website or in any of our training centers.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within three working days. Once engaged with our services you will be informed how and when you will receive a communication from us.

You can help us by informing Abilities as soon as is practical if you are unable to keep an appointment. Please remember that if you fail to do this it may prevent someone else from benefiting from our service.

How you can provide us with feedback
Client feedback, both positive and negative is important to Abilities and enables us to continuously improve the quality of our service. We obtain the majority of feedback through paper questionnaires but we also actively seek informal feedback and suggestions from individuals. These comments remain confidential unless you consent to them being shared with others but the general feedback and responses will be made public.
In the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of our service and wish to make a formal complaint, you are advised to use the Abilities Complaints Procedure. This is displayed on all our notice boards or you could seek the assistance of an employee of Abilities who will be able to explain the process.

You can help us by:
 Responding to requests for feedback using Abilities established channels of communication.  Confidential questionnaires are important to improving the service because it provides valuable information about what our clients feel about Abilities and enables us to tailor our services to their needs. Your opinion is important to us so please take the time to complete the questionnaire.

How We Ensure Your Information Remains Confidential

By complying with the Data Protection Act to ensure all personal information is held securely and remains strictly confidential to ensure privacy is protected and no one is identifiable unless required by overriding legislation.”


How we promote Diversity and Accessibility
Abilities aims to promote equality and diversity and to develop a culture that actively recognises that people from different backgrounds and experience can make a valuable contribution to the way in which we work and deliver services.
Staff and clients are treated equally, regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference. Any unlawful direct, indirect discrimination, unequal treatment or unethical behavior will be challenged.
We strive to be accessible to all our clients, and encourage you to ask us for any assistance you require, in order for you to maximise the full use of our services. Our team will be pleased to provide details of access support equipment, or discuss how we can provide information in different formats. All our premises are wheelchair accessible.